Chemo turbans hats

Chemo turbans, caps (not for only chemotherapy)

Chemo turbans, caps (not for only chemotherapy)

Chemo turbans are made of elastic fabrics, usually one size. At present the 2021 sprint/summer collection can be seen on our offer.

Breathable, 95 to 100% cotton 95% bamboo textile 5% elastane containing material should choose a turban made of for continuous wear.

By 2020 we can safely say that the turban has lost its "chemotherapeutic" significance and is clearly in the category of wear accessories.

Gisela Mayer's high-quality chemo turbans and caps are a must-have piece, as the manufacturer throws beautiful pieces from season to season. So for those who need to wear a turban for health reasons, you can choose beautiful, feminine, fashionable pieces. The wig switched on a chemo turban, cap. Very cosy and comfortable to wear a fancy chemo turban of fine Fabric, cap. Chemo turbans, hats are made of cotton or other lightweight, well-ventilated fabric in fashionable colors and styles.

Green and biodegradable. Today's cotton is the new bamboo viscose

Bamboo fabric is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, breathable and has a high absorption, heat-regulating, extra soft.
Bamboo is a natural bacteria, fungus, anti-microbial, thus antibacterial, so it does not cause an allergic reaction. Bamboo textile keeps the skin dry, absorbs 60 percent more water and drains moisture three times faster than the skin. Garments made of bamboo are warmer in cooler times, warmer in colder weather. The bamboo fabric is soft and silky to the touch, as bright as silk.

Classic chemo turbans (Aktion, Ava, Missy)
The classical chemotherapy turbans has long been a favorite to wear hospital. Extremely lightweight and ideal for any woman who will give preference to natural easy turban. The classical chemotherapy turbans can be used either forwards or sideways.

Active chemo turban (Bahama, Loreen,  New Manou, Florida, Lisa)
This unisex active chemotherapy turban is made from high quality materials and designed for everyday chemo wear. Also great for hospital wear, at home or during training. If chemotherapy, hair loss, you are looking for headwear because of alopecia, look no further!

Turban, cap with short scarf (Madrid)
One of the bestseller in style! The turban, cap with short scarf is based on an active chemotherapy turban complete with two short scarf, which can be scarf at the back. The turban, cap with short scarf  modern, feminine and elegant yet practical regardless of whether you go out to dinner, or because of chemotherapy treatment. The short scarf can be used on the back, tied loosely or with a cap on the reverse side.

Turban, cap with long scarf  (Alyna Duo))
The turban, cap with long scarf is based on an active chemo turban complete with two long scarf, which can be scarf at the back, which can be done in many ways. The turban, cap with short scarf modern, feminine and elegant yet practical regardless of whether you go out to dinner, or because of chemotherapy treatment. A long scarf can be used once tied on the head, hanging loosely, or wrapped around the head, possibly with a side bow bandage.

Turban, cap with scarf (Set New Lucia, Set Ella)
The turban, cap with scarf is based on an chemo turban, cap removable, separate with a different colored headscarf supplemented. The turban, cap with scarf modern, modern, feminine and elegant yet practical.

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