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We have built our site with 16 years of experience as a web server. We know exactly how much doubt surrounds ordering wigs online.

Wig without a trial? What if it doesn't fit?

But how can I buy a wig if I can't feel it?

Can't I try it on?

Isn't there anyone to help me find my way around, who can I ask for advice??

You can do a lot to make your wig order a success with us. Wig shops don't have a 100% stock offer, even when shopping in person you have a good chance of getting the wig you want on order, because the big brands are too big to have every color and every piece available on the shelf.

We've created a checklist to help you choose the right wig for you. We also use this checklist when you call for help, so you don't miss anything. The list has been compiled in order of importance, so only change the numbering if you really need to.

It may take some time to read and search, but you'll definitely make the right choice!

1. Wig size choice

The first thing to do is to decide on the size of the wig, it doesn't matter what the wig is made of, the size has to be right. This is also the first starting point when choosing shoes. Don't choose a style or color until then, because the item you choose may not be available in the size you need. The majority of our range is in average sizes, but we also have plenty of wigs for smaller and larger than average head sizes.

If you are familiar with the terms head circumference, hat size... you will know what we mean.

So simply measure around your head from the top of the forehead, above the ears, through the back of the head. The measured data will be the size of your wig. The average head circumference is 56-58 cm. If you did not measure between 56-58 cm, be sure to use the size filter in the menu! You can find the smaller and larger wig sizes this way.

Some information about sizes:

All average size wigs have an elasticated size adjustment strap to expand or contract 1-2 cm. Wigs that are made with the exact sizing, i.e. not from to size, are not adjustable. Although a separate sew-in strap can be purchased which will allow minimal adjustment of the size. If the wig is too small, it will slip up, so to speak, and bounce off the head. If the wig is too big, it will be baggy at the nape of the neck, which is aesthetically quite striking and can even blow off in the wind.

Certain face and head shapes can also affect the correct choice of wig size.

It is also worth bearing these in mind. Someone with a narrow, oval, elongated face shape is likely to have a smaller than average head circumference by 2 to 4 centimeters. And a heart, square, round face shape can increase the head circumference by a few centimeters.

2. Inside the wig

It is worth considering the purpose of the wig and choosing accordingly, as the scalp is in direct contact with the inside of the wig. The inside of a wig is made with quite a variety of options, so here is some explanation:

  • cap part
  • head part
  • hair inside the head part
  • frontal part

machine sewn cap

Bootstrap Image Preview

Machine weft basic wig with elastic inside.

hand knotted cap

Bootstrap Image Preview

Hand knotted elastic tulle inner wig. Great for everyday wear. comfortable, well ventilated, comfortable to wear.

For chemotherapy wigs and wigs made of human hair, the headpiece design is aesthetically invisible and can be freely customized. This is not true for all fashion wigs. In the case of basic fashion wigs made with older technology, there is no elaborate hair selection on the top of the head. This is typical for short hairstyles with a short bob, which increases the volume of the hair, but is also present in some long models. The silicone inlay hair selection is fixed and cannot be varied, while the hair in the area of the hand-knotted or invisible inlay is free to be shaped and controlled.

invisible top of wig

invisible top of wig

hand knotted top of wig

hand knotted top of wig

machine weft top of wig

machine weft top of wig

hand knotted hair parting of the crown

kézi csomózott hajválaszték

invisible hair parting of the crown

invisible hair parting of the crown

silicone hair parting of the crownh3> silicone hair parting of the crown

3. The purpose of wearing a wig

On our site you will find wigs in 3 main categories.

Wigs made of human hair
These wigs are designed for long-term wear. Alopecia, permanent hair loss, long-term hair loss due to autoimmune problems, baldness, etc.

More >>

Fashion wigs
Today, these wigs are stable for everyday wear compared to pieces made with technology 15 years ago. The term fashion is no longer taken in the literal sense of the word. We introduced the term 16 years ago in this country because it covered the reality, but today's fashion pieces are much more load-bearing.

More >>

Monofilament wigs
Fashion wigs are based on wigs made specifically for everyday wear during chemotherapy.

More >>

4. Selecting the color of the wig

It is very rare that someone does not find the right colour after the previous 4 points. Here we would like to draw your attention to the colour copper red, as this colour is available in very few products. Our range of colours is endless... natural, solid, hair-dye, ombre, balayage, mottled.

We can help you with colour identification! Send us your photo with the name of the product of your choice.

Almost all our products are available in 10-20 colours. Next to the products, you can choose the colour of the product in the form of small pictures with colour samples.

5. The hair material

Hair material can be synthetic hair, human hair, heat resistant synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair = plastic hair. This type of hair can be cleaned with special care products. One of the advantages of synthetic hair is that it can be washed and kept in the same condition as before, but it cannot be dyed and should not be subjected to heat styling, such as curling irons or flat irons.

Wigs made from human hair can be darkened with a colouring agent by 1-2 shades, lightening is not recommended, but they can be curled and ironed.

Heat-resistant synthetic hair differs from plain synthetic hair in that it is heat-resistant up to 150 C and can therefore be shaped while warm.

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