How to choose a hair extension?

Temporary or permanent use?

Permanent or only occasionally want to wear hair extensions? For long lasting hair extensions, you can choose from tape hair extension, I tip keratin hair extension, U tip keratin hair extension, micro-ring hair extension, nano-ring hair extension, silicone stripes hair extension.
For occasional hair extensions you can choose from ponytail hair pieces and clip in hair extensions. If yet It was not hair extension, definitely with a ponytail hair pieces or clip in hair extensions begin, because any time detachable and can be attached, this extended the life of hairpieces. Each type has pros and cons, you can find out about these category descriptions.

How long hair extension you order?
The measurement is usually done down crown from. The size you get will be the length of your hair extension.
If you have not had a hair extension yet, start wih clip in hair extensions. The ponytail hair piece clip it back in at any time and detachable. Removing the ponytail hair piece can be more comfortably cleaned, curled, iron-on such as long lasting hair extensions.

The ponytail's hair piece's hair fiber
The ponytail hair piece hair fiber may be synthetic hair or human hair. Synthetic hair = plastic hair fiber. Only use special care products. One of the benefits of synthetic hair, that even after washing it is as before, but it should not be painted and hot molded, such as. hair dryer, curling or straightening iron. With human hair wig coloring 1-2 shades of dark, curled, iron-on, light is not recommended.

The choice of ponytail hair piece color
You will see numbers next to each product, these color codes, which are displayed by clicking, but you can also see it in bulk by clicking on the color palette icon. The color palette is endless ... natural or monochrome wig, the painted, up to root color ... We are happy to help color identification.

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