12. Information on the exercise of the right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal
The consumer the right to withdraw the date of conclusion of the contract and the receipt of the product during the period also exercise. It may at any time withdraw from the contract without giving reasons within 14 days. Similarly, if the performance of the contract has been commenced in the case of a service contract, You are entitled to terminate the contract within 14 days without reason. The withdrawal period will expire after 14 days from the day, which marked you or by you, third party other than the carrier takes over the product. If you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal, he / she must provide a clear statement of his / her intention to withdraw for example by mail or electronic mail to the address below: Póthaj Shop Kft. 6791 Szeged, Kökény utca 43., info@parokashop.hu For this purpose, use the supplied sample withdrawal form as well. You exercise your right of withdrawal deadline, if you send your withdrawal statement before the expiry of the above deadline.
Legal effects of withdrawal from purchase
If you withdraw from this contract, forthwith, but at the latest your withdrawal statement within 14 days of receipt of we full refund all the services you have performed, including the cost of transport. If you withdraw from this contract the firm is not required to refund to the consumer additional costs resulting from the premium carriage, only the normal freight charges. During the refund used in the original transaction using the same payment method of payment, unless the customer explicitly gives the contribution of other means of payment; For the application of this method refund the Buyer does not bear any additional costs. The refund can be withheld, until we get the product back, or did not prove to have sent it back: whichever is the earlier date shall be. It obliged us (Póthaj Shop Kft. 6791 Szeged, Kökény utca 43.) or the product without undue delay, but at the latest from day the date of exercise of the right of withdrawal within 14 days return the goods (within 28 days of receipt). The direct costs of returning the product are borne by the Buyer. The Buyer can only be held liable for product depreciation, if the nature of the product, properties and function necessary beyond use for use occurred. Source: 45/2014. (II. 26.) Government decree.
The consumer does not benefit from the right of withdrawal: for non-prefabricated products, which is prepared by or on the instructions of the consumer's express request. In the case of closed-packaged products that health and hygiene reasons after opening the protective packaging can not be returned, already used and opened cosmetics, care products, or for a product that is clearly tailored to the consumer.
Money Back Guarantee and Replacement
Buyer within 14 days of receipt of the product he can exercise his right of withdrawal without justification. If you would like to have your withdrawal right, please email info@parokashop.hu. The buyer with the right of withdrawal is obliged to return the product at his own expense to the seller. The Buyer can not oblige the seller to pay back the return shipping fee, This in any case be borne by the Buyer, except if the product can be proven to be factory defective. The price, delivery and return of the returned, complete, intact product with the cleaning fee deducted as soon as possible, but we will be returned within 14 days to the bank account specified by the Customer. The replacement includes a new delivery time and shipping cost. COD package, we can not take over.
Often hair with knots, animal hair, damaged, used product, incomplete, dirty product give back please pay attention to cleanliness. You would not be happy to receive such a product, right? Therefore, if the goods returned under the right of withdrawal are not impeccable, re-sellable condition, the customer is liable for damages. The returned products if necessary, We disinfected for hygienic reasons, purified the cost is borne by the Buyer, which is 11 EUR. Pay special attention intended use of the product, because improper from the use damages the in addition to cleaning costs the Buyer is liable. Unpacks the return packet and examination of the product to avoid possible misunderstandings only for our part recorded with photos. After the transaction has been completed these data will not be stored, will be deleted.
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